Rohde & Schwarz Topex

Founded in 1990 and with more than 10 years of market success TOPEX has built a solid name in the telecommunication field, relying on both the product quality, and on innovation & diversity; values that have accompanied company, since its foundation. In competing against its rivals, TOPEX was relied mainly on speed and flexibility.

GSM & UMTS Gateways

Topex VoiBridge

Topex VoiBridge is a GSM/UMTS small capacity gateway with VoIP or PRI interfaces. Its main functionality is to interconnect VoIP or PSTN networks with mobile networks.
With Topex VoiBridge you make significant savings on calls from IP or PSTN to cellular networks and backwards



  • Capacity:
    • up to 4 GSM/ UMTS channels
    • up to 4 SIM cards ( 1 SIM per channel )
  • 2E1 intefaces - in & out (for PRI variant)
  • H323 and SIP supported
  • Advanced incoming call routing based on Caller- ID
  • Advanced call-routing of outgoing calls
  • SIM Server Ready - compatibilty with TOPEX SIM Manager
  • Advanced security with integrated firewall

  • Supports up to 4 cellular operators
  • No need to add any other gateway
  • Simple integration with VoIP and PSTN networks
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Fast return of investment

VoxiPlus - VoIP-PRI-GSM Gateway

Topex VoxiPlus is a media gateway. Its main function is to bridge between VoIP networks ISDN networks and Mobile networks. With Topex VoxiPlus you start saving from day one after installation by reducing the cost of communications.



VoxiPlus Application


  • Capacity:
    • 1. Basic
      • Up to 30 VoIP channels
      • 4 BRI or 2PRI interfaces
      • 4 GSM / UMTS channels
      • 4 SIM cards
    • 2. Extended
      • Up to 12 GSM / UMTS channels - VoxiPlus Advanced
  • Mobility Extension
  • Advanced call-routing of both incoming and outgoing (any-to-any between VoIP, ISDN and Mobile)
  • Fax services - T38 and pass-through (G. 711)
  • Advanced security with integrated firewall
  • SIM Server Ready - compatibility with TOPEX SIM Manager
  • Email, SMS and Voicemail integration


  • Interconnect with multiple carriers while using only one gateway
  • Take advantage of mobility while using company fixed and mobile lines
  • Continue using your ISDN PBX while taking advantages from interconnection with VoIP and GSM/UMTS and ISDN networks
  • Use of your IP telephony solution while taking advantage from interconnection with ISDN, GSM/UMTS and VoIP networks
  • Both SIP and H323 protocols supported
  • T 38 Fax supported
  • Small size, very compact, simple and quick installation

Qutex - VoIP-PRI-GSM Gateway

Qutex is a VoIP GSM Gateway that enables direct routing between IP, digital, analog and GSM networks.



  • Fixed mobile convergence
  • Gateway between legacy PSTN infrastructure and VoIP
  • Gateway between Mobile Networks and VoIP
  • Small capacity softswitch
  • Emergency communication center solution
  • Enterprise hybrid telephony solution
  • IP telephony for Triple Play Solutions


  • Depending on your communication needs this equipment can be :
    • IP GSM gateway
    • E1 to mobile networks gateway
    • IP PBX when upgraded to softswitch (with a possibility to manage 300 subscribers)
    • SMS gateway
  • Capacity:
    • 1 VoIP Card; H323 and SIP - supported; 8-16-30-60 voice channels
    • 2 PRI trunks
    • Up to 10 GSM/UMTS/CDMA channels
    • ISDN, SS7, R2, R1.5, - signaling protocols supported
  • Configuration:
  • Up to 10 cellular channels - 2 GSM/UMTS channels per board
  • Up to 20 cellular channels - 4 GSM/UMTS channels per board


  • Conversion of PSTN and IP calls into mobile calls
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Multiple voice codecs


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