PureAir Filtration - PFU MINI

Specially Designed to fit Medium / Small Data Center needs

Specially Designed For Meduim Sized Data Centers / IT Rooms

Capture harmful gases in your data center The PureAir Data Center is a self-contained, moveable unit that recirculates the air in data centers. As the air passed through PureAir’s gas adsorbent media, harmful corrosive gases are captured and permanently bound. Purified air is sent out the top of the Data Center where it is used to cool servers without harming electrical components.

Easy Instillation, Low Energy ConsumptionThe DC mini has low energy consumption and noise, and installation is a snap in your existing server cabinets, plugging into standard electrical sockets. Each unit provides protection for up to 2500 square feet (approxi-mately 250 M2). Airfl ow is variable, controllable up to 500 CFM (850 CMH), and differential pressure gauges indicate filter changes for easy maintenance.

Data Center Air Purification Unit brochure PDF(download link)

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