Corrosion Classification Test Kit Passive Monitoring - Accurate & Reliable

Corrosion Classification Coupon Testing - Accurate and Reliable method of evaluating the Corrosive Gasses Level in your facility

Test Coupons for Lab Analysis - Corrosion Classification Coupons, which measure the air quality in your data center to ANSI/ISA standards. The test coupon is placed in the Data Center for 30 days and returned to PureAir USA to be analyzed by certified laboratory technicians. If you are unsure if you have an environment that is harmful to your hardware, this should be your fi rst step. Note that the coupon only measures corrosive gases.

To gauge the corrosion effect we need to perform Corrosion Coupon Testing.

A simple quantitative method to determine the airborne corrosivity in a data center environment is by “reactive monitoring”. Copper & Silver Strips on the coupon are exposed to the environment for a period of time and quantitatively analyzed using electrolytic (cathodic, coulometric) reduction to determine corrosion film thickness and chemistry. Silver coupons should be included with copper coupons to gain a complete accounting of the types and nature of the corrosive chemical species in the environment. For example, sulfur dioxide alone will corrode only silver to form Ag2S (silver sulfide), whereas sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in combination will corrode both copper and silver forming their respective sulfides.

Reference: ISA Standard ISA-71.04 classifies several levels of environmental severity for electrical and electronic systems: G1, G2, G3 and GX, providing a measure of the corrosion potential of an environment. G1 is benign and GX is open-ended and the most severe.
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